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About the Development

About the Development

Royalty Camping is a one-of-a-kind campground venture that will revolutionize the camping industry by providing a unique family-oriented camping experience that will help meet the high demand for new state-of-the-art campgrounds by offering latest technologies, features and amenities that cater to today’s RVers, tent campers, cabin renters and outdoor enthusiasts throughout the US. The new venue will offer distinctive features such as White Glove Services during the camping experience and unique transparent heated air domes for indoor Winter camping experiences in cold regions of the US, in addition to numerous quality amenities designed to make the camping experience truly one of a kind and unparalleled. The White Glove Service and the winter domes for RVs are new and unique features only available at Royalty Camping locations.

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Other desirable features include a year-round heated lazy river and pool, off-roading, hiking, biking, snowmobile rentals, high quality full hookups, the fastest internet speeds in the industry (1GBP wireless), beautiful views and an array of amenities and activities designed to create unforgettable experiences while enjoying the great outdoors. Royalty Camping is currently planning numerous locations throughout the northern US regions so that RV enthusiasts can enjoy camping on a year-round basis despite external temperatures and weather conditions, due to the temperature controlled RV dome.

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