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Coming Soon to Union Township,
Lawrence County,

Royalty Camping’s new state-of-the-art campgrounds provide unique family-oriented camping experiences with advanced and modern amenities for today’s RVers, tent campers, cabin renters and outdoor enthusiasts. Camp like royalty at Royalty Camping!

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Our Mission

Metrovitalization is dedicated to transforming communities through visionary planning, sustainable development, and exceptional craftsmanship. Our multidisciplinary team collaborates closely with stakeholders to envision and realize projects that enhance quality of life, drive economic prosperity, and honor local heritage.
Guided by a steadfast commitment to environmental stewardship, we integrate innovative green building technologies and modular construction methods to deliver energy-efficient, low-impact developments. Our mission is to catalyze lasting positive change, fostering thriving, inclusive communities that flourish for generations to come.
Embracing the highest standards of professionalism and integrity, Metrovitalization is dedicated to elevating the industry and investing in local partnerships to realize our vision of vibrant, sustainable urban spaces that enrich people's lives.

Features & Amenities

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White Glove Service

Experience unparalleled luxury in the great outdoors with our bespoke White Glove Service...

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Ultra-Fast Fiber Optic Internet

Connect to the world at lightning speed with our campground-wide fiber optic internet, offering blistering 1 Gbps speeds...

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Glamping cabin rentals

Discover the rustic charm with a twist of luxury in our cabin rentals. Each cabin is an epitome of comfort and style...

Site Plan

400 Dworman Way New Castle, PA  16101

Development Summary 
Royalty Camping provides a unique family-oriented camping experience to meet the high demand for new state-of-the-art campgrounds in the Western Pennsylvania region, with minimal competition


Key Highlights​

  • Upscale cabins and cottages for luxurious stays.

  • Heated lazy river for fun and relaxation, attracting children and adults.

  • Premium glamping with deluxe tents and yurts for a unique experience.

  • Over-sized and spacious, leveled RV sites with full hookups and high-end amenities.

  • Industry-leading 1 GBS ultra high-speed internet across the property (private network).

  • Exclusive 'White Glove Service' for a deluxe camping experience (first in the industry).

  • Year-round RV camping enabled by innovative technology (proprietary tech in process).

  • Scenic nature walk/run/bike trails connected to West Park Nature Center .3 miles away.

  • Ample recreational spaces including picnic pavillions, gazebos, a pond, outdoor activities, and more.

Status and Strategy Metrovitalization acquired the site and obtained conditional use approval in 2023. The project is currently advancing through the civil design and permitting phase. Construction is slated for late Spring 2024, aiming for a 12-month timeline to operation. Metrovitalization will engage a campground management company to operate the day-to-day operations of the project upon completion of construction. Royalty Camping will complement Metrovitalization’s adjacent Royalty Place development, a new-construction 206-home community that is currently underway. About Us Metrovitalization plans, designs, develops and builds new communities, homes, and commercial establishments. With a commitment to creating vibrant and sustainable spaces, we specialize in revitalizing urban areas and transforming neighborhoods into thriving hubs of activity and opportunity. Our team brings expertise in urban planning, design, and construction, working closely with stakeholders to execute projects that enhance quality of life, promote economic growth, and preserve community heritage.    Royalty Camping embodies our mission as a profitable tourist-oriented development. The new campground will offer needed and unique services and amenities, create profit, incite tourism, ignite economic growth, revitalize a vacant parcel, and promote revitalization. Metrovitalization is led by its founder and president, Ricky Trinidad. Learn more about Metrovitalization, our team, and our projects at


A real-estate development project of:

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